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Enhance Target Account Lists
Claim the Power of Identification

  • ABM means Account-Based Marketing, which clearly defines itself as running parallel to your target account only. While filter based targeting is said to be a fishing net, ABM has been considered harpoon for targeting priority accounts.
  • While enhancing target accounts, our first step is to help leverage your existing accounts as they are the strongest source of opportunities available to you.
  • Our next step is to Firmograph & Technograph data based on your ICP - Ideal Customer Profile, to ensure we are targeting lookalike accounts that sound familiar as your existing clients.
  • We help you stay up-to-date on your target market, competitors & net-new accounts, as startups can be a great source of viable target accounts.
  • DemandProps remarkable ABM capability will help you align on creating, segmenting & scaling your list - horizontally + vertically, to help enhance your overall ABM strategy
Engage Target Accounts
Engage the Right B2B Buyers

  • ABM is best suitable when targeting fewer, but highly proactive accounts that display purchase intent & with ready budgets.
  • DemandProps clearly understands the need of being relevant on such hot opportunities & our diverse multi-level engagement & cross-channel strategy will set your brand way above all competitors.
  • We ensure target personas are strictly followed while engaging high-value accounts & assuring consistent multi-tactical approach, which means we head an extra mile on engaging target audience here.
  • DemandProps happily invests in realtime online + offline content personalization while engaging with each prospect & personalize based on industry, company size & target personas, to ensure we sound relevant for each unique audience.

Uncover Buying Team Contacts
Identify Net-new Prospects

  • Although ABM means targeting limited & high-priority accounts, we are however engaging & influencing real humans.
  • Effective ABM strategy is to drive consensus amongst all client teams, buying committee & key stakeholders.
  • Lack of accurate contacts from your target accounts will simply trip over your entire ABM strategy, hence it is crucial to have relevant account profiles, personas, etc to be highly accurate across your target account list.
  • DemandProps ABM capability will help discover new buying teams, across all departments & levels, opening up all four fronts for effective targeting.
  • We categorize teams based on - Decision makers, Influencers, Recommenders & End-users, so your targeting, tactic & content strategy is highly aligned for potent engagement.